Frequently Asked Questions 

What is DTF?

Direct to Film (DTF) is a new technique used for T-shirt making. DTF allows you to create full-color designs and transfer them using a heat press to any garment.

Direct To Film Printing is the process of printing on specialized film with ink meant for cloth textile products like shirts, hoodies, hats, and tote bags. The design is printed and has a special polymer (plastic) powder melted onto the areas where the design was printed as to bind the ink and powder together. The sheet/roll that the designs are printed on are then cut, placed on desired product, and pressed firmly as to bind the powder and ink to the shirt.

What format should the file be?

Your file must be a high resolution transparent PNG. Please send a 300 Dpi resolution file.

What is Gang Sheet?

Gang sheet refers to printing multiple designs and colors on the same transfer sheet.

What is instructions?

Warm your heat press to 280-300 F / 155-160 C
Medium pressure for 9-13 seconds.
Pressure 6 KG
Allow 10 seconds to cool before peeling
Cold Peel / Hot Peel

The resolution of my file is not enough, can you print it anyway?

Yes I can print it but in such case it is your responsibility.

What size should it be for adults?

You can prepare according to these size

  • Pocket - 4"
  • Baby Onesie - 5"
  • Toddler - 6"
  • Youth - 8"
  • Adult XS,S,M,L,XL - 11"
  • Adult 2XL,3XL - 11,5"
  • Adult 4XL - 12"

How can I prepare my file with Adobe?

You can prepare it using Adobe Illustrator. We can prepare sheets from 22x20 to 22x170. Upload your designs and sort them to the size you want. To save, you can save as PNG and 300Dpi by doing Export - Export As. Please make sure there is no background. DTF Printing: Tutorial

What is your shipping time?

We ship your orders the next day. Delivery typically takes 3-5 business days following the product period.

If I send you our file, would you check it before ordering?

Yes of course please send it to info@newamarketingllc.com